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Why Having Skill in Flutter is A Good For Mobile Developer

In 2017, Google, a giant tech company released a tool called Flutter. This tool consists of two important main utilities. First, as a Software Development Kit (SDK) which contains a collection of tools you could use to develop your application. The tools include the one that could help you to compile your code into native machine code. That’s why this tool is usually used by mobile developers. The second one is as a framework. Flutter contains a lot of reusable UI elements. You can even personalize these assets based on your own needs. But considering this tool has just been released, you must be wondering, is this tool worth trying, or are you better off sticking to your old tools? Before you make your decision, let’s get to know more about this amazing tool! 

Why It’s a Good Tools

Why do people start using Flutter? Of course, the answer is because this tool answers their needs and offers convenience that other tools might not have. But what are the key advantages of Flutter? Here are some advantages you could expect from Flutter.

  • Faster Process
    With features on Flutter, it will help developers to work faster. Besides the hot reload which lets you see the changes you have made in a blink, there are plenty of customizable widgets that could help you finish your project faster and more efficiently.
  • A Great MVP
    Because of the convenience and features that Flutter has, you can consider this tool as your MVP. Using Flutter is also cheaper because you don’t need to create and maintain two mobile apps. Not to mention, you don’t need a large team with Flutter. One developer is all you need. In addition, their widgets are the star of the show because they will shorten the time to complete a project.
  • Support Various Platform and by Google Itself
    Flutter was released under Google. Therefore, no wonder if they get full-backup from this giant technology company, Google Ecosystem. Since Flutter 2 was released, this tool supports various platforms, from Android to macOS. This makes Flutter adjustable for your developing stuff needed. 

Skill Flutter Untuk Mobile Developer

Flutter Features

After looking at the advantages of Flutter, the next thing you might want to know is what are the features of this tool? This might answer your curiosity. Let’s get to know the key features Flutter offers to us!

  • Hot Reload
    This is the key feature of Flutter. With hot reload, you will be able to quickly see the result of the change you have made. What is a hot reload exactly? Quoted from, this feature works by injecting updated source code files into the running Dart Virtual Machine (VM). This virtual machine will update your work to the latest version.
  • Flutter Libraries
    Flutter libraries are all you need for the assets for your project. Apart from its advantage which is customizable to your needs, choices of assets that Flutter offers will cover your needs. This tool provides effective native experience based on the platform and effective UIs based on the geographic location.
  • Various Widget Library
    With the ready-to-use assets provided by Flutter, it will help developers to work faster. Another helpful feature from Flutter is you can select the widget that you need based on the platform, the nature of the application, even from the geographical location where you want to release the apps!

To summarize this topic, it is safe to say that flutter is the future of IT development, especially for mobile development. This platform will help you be more productive and get things done faster than it usually is. As a mobile developer, having skills in using Flutter would be a huge advantage. One more thing, if you are a mobile developer looking for new opportunities that could help you develop yourself, Radya Digital is opening a great opportunity as a mobile developer. Does this stimulate your curiosity? What are you waiting for? Head into Radya Digital Career to get more information.


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