Our capabilities will help organizations transform their business, increase efficiency, and reach their customers.


Since 2011, we got some experiences in multiple industries in Indonesia and SEA Region, from Financial Institutions to Education. See our industries experience and use case for more information:

  • Insurance
  • Multifinance
  • Healthcare
  • Bank
  • FMCG & Logistics
  • Government
  • Koperasi
  • Media
  • Education
  • Automotive

App Development Technology

We have a team of experienced and skilled backend and frontend developers who have worked on various projects using different technologies and frameworks. We are also experienced in developing mobile applications. We use the latest technologies and best practices to deliver high-quality apps that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Cloud and Infrastructure

We have a team of experienced and certified developers who can design, build and deploy scalable and secure cloud applications. For infrastructure we use cutting-edge technologies such as Redis, Docker and Kubernetes to ensure scalability, reliability and performance of our applications. Whether you need a web app, a mobile app or a cloud service, we have the expertise and experience to make it happen.


We have successfully integrated Firebase, Google Maps API, Google Calendar API and other popular services into our previous projects, enhancing their functionality and user experience.

Our Process


Project Based

Managed Services

In House Training


Project Based

Managed Services

In House Training


Talk to our account team

  • discovery illustration 1

    Talk to our Account team to do discovery discussion


  • discovery illustration 2

    Based on the discussion, we'll give recommendation based on the type

    Project-based app, Chatbot, Managed services, Training, etc


  • discovery illustration 3

    We'll send the proposal for you for detailed information


  • Go to project based

    Go to managed service

    Go to in house training

Project Based

Get Into The Works

  • project based illustration 4

    Design Sprint Phase

    Analyze and Design process to start understanding all requirements and ensure design and flow approved by client


  • project based illustration 5

    Development Sprint Phase

    Implement all result from design sprint on the application


  • project based illustration 6

    Weekly CI/CD Integration

    You can see the application increment on weekly basis. Seeing is believing. So you can try the application directly, not just from our word.


  • project based illustration 7

    Testing Phase

    All Test that we do start from Per sprint test, Integration test, SIT, UAT, Penetration test & load test


  • project based illustration 8

    Communication procedure standard

    We'll update you with the state of the development in weekly/biweekly basis, so you can give feedback quickly and know what's the project status


  • project based illustration 9

    Project Done

    After the testing completed and passed, we'll deploy the application for you


  • project based illustration 10

    Free 2 month Maintenance

    We want to make sure that all of our application are error & bug free, so you can rest easy after the project done


  • project based illustration 11

    Optional 1 year Extension

    After the free maintenance finished, you can choose to extend our support with those options:
    > Maintenance for error & bug free system
    > Ticket quota system per month, so any changes to system can be done easily


Managed Services

Get Into The Works

  • managed services illustration 1

    Finding the Right Talent and Start The Services

    We’ll make sure the talent available for you and start the services


  • managed services illustration 2

    Our team works for you

    Based on the agreed time and location


  • managed services illustration 3

    Finalize the Services with BAST

    Berita Acara Serah Terima (BAST) will be sent to you for final calculation of the agreed services


  • managed services illustration 4

    Finishing the Services

    After agreed time and resources for the services done, you can either finish or extend our services


In House Training

Get Into The Training

  • discovery illustration 1

    Curriculum , Location, and Trainer Setup

    Based on your team current needs, we can setup basic or advanced training, the location of training (virtual or physical), and the trainer needed


  • in house training illustration 2

    Training Commence

    The training started based on agreed schedules