Project Goals

PT. Bio Farma wants the activities and processes of all risk reporting activities to be easier, both in terms of input, approval, and monitoring.

The Challenge

Previously, the risk reporting and monitoring process at Bio Farma was still manual so the approval process was less efficient. So an application is needed to make this activity better.


Develop an application whose features cover the entire end to end process flow of risk reporting within the scope of Holding PT. Bio Farma

List Features

Overview for Project Bi-SMaRT

Early Warning System

Feature to display a dashboard to monitor the KRI value of each risk item in each period (per month/quarterly).

Overview for Project Bi-SMaRT


A feature that displays graphs ranging from total risk profile, total risk events, KRI values, risk items per category and so on.

Overview for Project Bi-SMaRT

Risk Profle

Features that function to manage risk profile data, carry out the approval process, and create risk reports.

Overview for Project Bi-SMaRT

Stress Testing

Feature for carrying out stress tests on risk items that have been monitored to be used as a reference for risk levels in the following year.

Overview for Project Bi-SMaRT

Risk Profile Monitoring & Evaluation

A feature that functions to manage monitoring & evaluation data on risks for a certain period according to what has been input in the risk profile module. Also, there is an approval process for the results of risk monitoring and evaluation.


UI/UX Designer

Project Manager

System Analyst

Quality Assurance

Backend Web Developer

Frontend Web Developer


App Development Technology

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