Project Goals

The improvement of the Tokoparts e-Commerce & CMS site application aims to add the latest features which contain information and features that make it easier for users to order products.

The Challenge

Ease of helping with daily activities is one of the main factors that is really needed in today's modern life. One system that makes it easier for customers is e-Commerce at Tokoparts which can help customers order products online. This system is also equipped with a CMS (Content Management System) which can assist users in product catalog management.


Developing e-Commerce and CMS applications from Tokoparts to increase customer convenience in placing orders for four-wheeled vehicle spare parts products such as brake pads, oil, brake fluid and other spare parts products from every well-known brand in Indonesia. Customers can order products online without having to come to the location.

List Features

Overview for Project Tokoparts EC Site

CMS - Manage Vehicle Model

Fitur yang memungkinkan admin untuk mengelola katalog dari model kendaraan.

Overview for Project Tokoparts EC Site

Product Sorting

Mempermudah pelanggan untuk melihat produk dengan mengurutkan produk berdasarkan kategori terlaris dan terpopuler.

Overview for Project Tokoparts EC Site

CMS - Manage Category

Fitur ini digunakan admin untuk dapat mengelola kategori dan sub kategori dari produk-produk Tokoparts.

Overview for Project Tokoparts EC Site

Search by Category

Pengguna dapat melakukan pencarian produk lebih spesifik berdasarkan kategori produknya.

Overview for Project Tokoparts EC Site

CMS - Manage Brand

Melalui fitur ini, admin dapat mengelola brand, nama brand, informasi brand dari produk-produk yang dijual oleh Tokoparts.


Frontend Web Developer

UI/UX Designer

System Analyst

Backend Web Developer

Project Manager


App Development Technology

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