Friday, 23 September 2022 | 11:27 | Author by Radya Digital

Improve Your Skill For Professional React Native Developer

Are you a mobile apps developer? If so, you must be familiar with the term React Native. React Native has always been a hot topic in mobile development since 2015, the year that framework was released to the public. React Native offers you a way to develop mobile apps, because of that, the term React Native Developer came to be. Of course, to become a React Native Developer, there are a set of skills you need to have. What are those skills, and how to improve them to become a Professional React Native Developer? Let’s find out in this article! 

An Introduction to React Native

Before going further,  let’s get started by knowing what exactly React Native is. React Native is a cross-platform network that can be used to develop mobile apps in two systems simultaneously, which are iOS and Android. One of many reasons React Native is so popular is because it provides an easier way to develop mobile apps. This Framework can even help developers develop Android and iOS apps faster and easier.

Improving Your Skills As A React Native Developer

To become a React Native Developer, there are some skills you have to master.  These are some mandatory hard skills you need to learn.

  1. JavaScript
    JavaScript is an essential part of React Native. By understanding JavaScript, you can build app components even easier. You can also make interactive websites with various interesting features. JavaScripts also introduce a visual representation of users and help developers to note what is being clicked by the users. If you are interested to learn more about JavaScript, you can start learning at BitDegree.

  2. React Native
    Of course, as a React Native Developer, being an expert in React Native is a fixed price. If you already have understood the basics of React Native components such as API to specific libraries, it’ll be easier to implement it in your workflow. You can improve your React Native skill by joining online courses at Udemy and Hacktiv8.

  3. Mastering Programming
    If you want to be a good React Native Developer, you need to learn and master some computer programming that is being developed such as Swift, Objective-C, Java, and Kotlin. Having knowledge about those programming languages will definitely help your app's developing process.

  4. Debugging dan Testing
    In the process of developing an app, errors and mistakes are inevitable. Thus, debugging and testing phases are mandatory if you want to become a reliable React Native Developer. You can use some utility tools such as AVA and Jest.

  5. Utilizing Tools
    To make your work easier, you can use some utility tools. Here are some recommended tools that you can use in your developing process.
  • Sentry error tracking, to supervise errors and identify problems in the apps.
  • Bitrise, to make a better workflow. Helps you to develop and automate your apps.
  • Redux - untuk mengelola status global aplikasi (ini adalah pustaka JavaScript sumber terbuka).
  • Redux, to gather global apps status (It is an open JavaScript library source)
  • ESLint, to check whether your code is written according to the JavaScript pattern.
  • Jest, to detect and delete bugs or potential errors from JavaScript code.

With the increasing demand for mobile apps in this era, a React Native Developer is one of the most wanted jobs in many companies. Such a big opportunity isn’t it? Let’s deepen your knowledge and improve your skill as React Native Developer. Visit Radya Labs blog now to find more information about this field, including some other useful tips involving IT!