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Software House Indonesia between Users and Apps

It is quite difficult for many industries or companies to move into the digital era even though there are already many software house services in Indonesia. Software development services can provide the main application development services that provide convenience. Especially in this modern era where the presence of software or applications is a necessity in a business.

Especially in business growth decorated with digital technology to have special functions. Where digital technology can help find its target market according to its business product. It's just that in Indonesia itself, actually not many are aware of the advantages of this. There are still many industries or companies that find it difficult to take advantage of today's digital potential.

Then what makes it so difficult for an industry or company to move in the digital world? Apparently, there are several factors revealed by the experience of Radya Digital as a software house from Bandung, Indonesia. As explained by Rudi Hartanto, CEO of Radya Digital, this difficulty is broadly a matter of the relationship between the user and the application developer himself.

The needs of users who want to develop their apps, as if they are not connected because the relationship bridge is broken. In fact, imagine if the two sectors were able to connect, of course, industry and companies would get convenience through the applications to be used. Every element of the application that is developed will not be difficult because the company no longer feels that it is technologically inept.

"From Radya Digital's experience, usually first, there is no one to bridge the user's needs with application developers. Application developers are like Radya. When there is no one to bridge it, it is difficult to communicate. How can we translate user needs," explained Rudi.

Every user's needs are never stopped because technology continues to develop. But in general, this problem will continue to be resolved because the user's needs will not be separated from the system. How imagine this is like a school system from registration to graduation.

From the beginning of registration, until graduation, everyone involved cannot be separated from the process created by the system, right? Therefore, all companies and industries definitely need a solution to simplify the process. It's the same with supply chains that require enterprise, resources, planning, and others to develop reliable applications.

All of these things are necessary for business because most companies prioritize sales as their number one goal. Sales is a target and part of the business that is definitely the expectation of every user. However, expectations often become another obstacle to why it is so difficult for industries or companies to try to explore the digital business world in application development. Even though there are already quite a number of software houses in Indonesia that can make it easier to adapt to digital potential.

"Expectations from users have limitations that the application does not meet. For example, there are many problems outside the application. The application does have limitations that cannot fulfill all of the user's wishes. Then there will be errors in communication when exploring the needs of application developers," said Rudi when responding to another problem companies have with the digital world.

Of course, the user's unfulfilled wishes will make the person concerned end his trust in digital applications. "Many projects were canceled. In the end, they didn't work. Because the developer was unable to explore user needs. Users will feel dissatisfied," continued Rudi.

Of course, application research is needed and of course, that can be done by the right software house. Because a system is needed that can support the company industry which should move more modernly in this 4.0 era. This is what makes digital potential in Indonesia so important.

Playing in the Blue Ocean

Digital potential in Indonesia is indeed very important even though many regions are far from technology. The area in question can be regarded as a field that is still blue or can be called a blue ocean. These blue fields mean unknown or unexplored markets, in this case, the digital potential of users and applications.

As previously explained, there is no bridge between the user and the application, so it is difficult for digital companies to take advantage of digital potential. This has also become quite influential in why Indonesia has a large blue ocean niche in terms of digital potential. The absence of a bridge is also felt by Rudi as a shortage of digital talent in this country.

"The reason is, the first is that in terms of talent, there is still a shortage. Many areas find it difficult to reach city centers, where technology is developed. For example, Bandung, Jakarta, and Malang are centers of technological development in Indonesia. Why is the potential so big? Because from an infrastructure perspective, the government always encouraging, like 5G." Rudy explained.

While the cities on the island of Java mentioned can be considered as a red ocean. The term red ocean is a condition in which quite a number of industries or businesses become competitors fighting for the same market share. This means that Indonesia has a blue ocean area that can be a potential development niche for the current software house. Of course, these companies need a lot of technological developments. Especially if you remember 5G which the government always promotes.

It is this plan that companies in the blue fields, or the majority outside Java, must immediately realize. This means that talent needs to be developed to bridge between users and applications that should not be limited by the distance between islands. Because changing from traditional to digitalization of technological developments in the regions, will be good for digital talent in Indonesia.

"In Indonesia, you could say it's still blue. Now there are actually many foreign companies, from India, marketing their products. That's actually what we want, this market should not be controlled by other people. If we are serious, understand Indonesia, we should be able to enter more quickly, easily, " said Rudy.

The development of digital potential in the blue ocean can actually be made easier by having a software house. One of them is the existence of Radya Digital which has an enterprise target of developing digital potential in each region. Web hosting is a skill for Radya Digital that has been established since 2011. Regarding the talent that has been feared so far, it can also be developed through Alkademi programs.

As a result, the blue ocean area should not have to worry anymore if it feels that there is no talent to bridge between users and applications. Then how can that blue field become red which is able to compete with quality in the midst of competitors who are constantly developing with anyone? Together with this software house, it is not impossible that Indonesia has the best digital potential and is able to compete with any other country.

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