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Use These Tools to Upgrade Your Skill as iOS Developer!

You might know some products with a bitten apple logo, right? Yup, those products are from Apple Inc., a multinational technology company established in 1976. Apple Inc is one of the biggest companies that always makes a lot of innovation. From a smartphone, laptop, computer, or even tablet, all of it are using operating system by Apple itself, such as macOS and iOS. Different operating systems make some developers interested in joining as iOS Developer, people that develop some specialized app for Apple users. Do you interested to be one of them? If you do, this article is good for you! Read it to the end!

Let's get to know with iOS Developer

Like any other mobile developer, an iOS developer is in charge and responsible for developing some mobile and desktop apps on the iOS operating system.

As an iOS developer, you must have a lot of good insights about the iOS operating system itself, how it works on any Apple device, such as iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac, and other devices. To build the app, you have to follow the guidelines set by Apple. Now you know, you have to master some skills to become a good iOS developer.

iOS usually use Objective-C, Swift, or Ruby as their programming language. But the important is you have to install XCode, an important software for developing iOS that only can be installed on Mac.

The Most Important Skill: Learn XCode!

For you who are interested to become an iOS developer, start your journey by learning XCode. Xcode is also known as IDE (Integrated Development Environment), or special software by Apple for developing apps on the iOS operating system. Learning XCode is a basic skill when you start developing apps on iOS.

XCode has some features, such as source-code editor, built-in interface builder, advanced device emulator, & up-to-date and full documentation. Besides that, XCode also has some tools, that make you easier while you do the coding, among others are:

  • Editor
    All coding activities are recorded in this feature, from the beginning to the last testing. So, it's true if Editor is the most important tool in the XCode
  • Simulator
    You can use play and stop, also dropdown button for the simulator as one of the features on XCode. You can check the performance of the apps that you have created. You can also choose the type of simulator depending on what type of apps that you develop.
  • Status Bar
    When you develop an app, you must be want to know how the progress is going. Don't worry!  You can see the progress or even any bug on the Status Bar. It will make you easier while you develop an app.
  • View
    XCode has a lot of view buttons that you can use to compare two Swift files side by side or hide the left or right panel, so you can focus straight to the center of the Swift editor.
  • Debug
    Debugging is an important feature from all of IDE software, including XCode. You can use Debugging to fix any bugs on the app. You can also see the result of debugging to make sure that the app is clear from any bugs or not.

Another alternative for debugging: Shake.

For you who want to try another feature besides using XCode, you can use Shake, a software development kit for developing apps on iOS and Android. The SDK is easier to use to check any bugs in less than 5 seconds.

Developing apps isn't easy, but there's nothing impossible if you learn it.  By improving your skills in iOS development, you can get a lot of opportunities for your dream job, especially if you already have any experience as a mobile developer. Do you interested to become an iOS Developer and curious about any interesting tips about iOS development? Don't forget to visit Radya Labs and get some interesting information about IT!