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Life at Radya Digital: Becoming an IT Division Means Never Stop Developing Yourself

For those of you who have an interest in the IT field, working in a technology company could be one of your goals in the professional world. In this era of rapid technological advances, of course, many technology companies can be an option. But among all the available options, Radya Digital will be the right choice for digital talents who want to continue to develop themselves in the IT field. Want to know the reason? Come on, see the insights into the IT division at Radya Digital!

Want to Keep Growing? Radya Digital is the answer!

"Radya Digital always opens opportunities for anyone who wants to continue to learn and develop, Radya Digital is not looking for brilliant talent but Radya Digital creates brilliant talent," said one of the talents who worked in the IT division of Radya Digital  when asked why he joined a big family.

This value is what attracts Radya Digital as a technology company. Radya Digital believes that every individual has potential that can be developed for the better. This positive view of each talent and potential talent is what makes Radya Digital a good environment. Not only for professional career development, but also personal development.

Family Culture Is The Key To Success

One of the important things for a company is the culture it holds. At Radya Digital, everyone is family. As a family, Radya Digital cares about each other. One of them is concern in self-development. Radya Digital believes that every individual has the right to continue to sharpen his skills and abilities. Therefore, Radya Digital strives to develop an environment where individuals can continue to develop themselves through various programs. In addition, cooperation, and mutual assistance are also values

“The most distinctive culture of RL is the family, the environment is far from toxic competition, there is no gap between seniors and juniors, and the people are never shy or stingy about sharing knowledge, besides that RL also embraces every member, aware of the good conditions. mental or physical members even provide counseling sessions for members who are not feeling well.”

Clear Benefits and Career Paths

Even though you are still a fresh graduate, of course you want to work in a company that supports productivity and has a clear career path. Well, Radya Digital will support your needs to be able to continue to work and be productive. This support is not only limited to device facilities such as laptops and monitors. But also paid software that will help you channel your creativity. In addition, Radya Digital also provides benefits in the form of self-development such as various workshops and counseling. Not only that, for those of you who want to explore new things, it's possible to switch positions. For example, from a tester to a developer is no longer a dream!

For those of you who continue to grow and make achievements, it is not impossible to reach a higher career ladder! With a clear assessment and assessment process, Radya Digital makes every opportunity wide open for those of you who want to grow.

Message for the Prospective New Family of Radya Digital

With a myriad of interesting things that Radya Digital has to offer, it is certainly interesting to be part of the big family of the IT division of Radya Digital. But wait, before joining, what do you need to prepare? Let’s  see the summary of messages from the IT division of Radya Digital!

In addition to the required soft skills and hard skills, the appropriate mentality also needs to be prepared. For example, by applying a growth mindset that will make you always thirsty for new knowledge and will never stop learning. Also, don't be shy about asking questions. By asking, you will get new knowledge from seniors at Radya Digital. Enthusiasm is also important when joining Radya Digital! If you are struggling, you will never be alone. Don't hesitate to ask your colleagues for help.

"Radya Digital is filled with great and warm people, don't hesitate to work with them, don't hesitate to explore their knowledge, because no house is the same as Radya Digital".

So, are you ready to be part of the family and continue to grow with Radya Digital? Immediately check Radya Digital Career to find your dream position!

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