Friday, 7 July 2023 | 16:37 | Author by Randy Aprialdi S

When Radya Digital Services and Products Dominate Enterprise

With the development of technology in both blue and red ocean areas, there are many opportunities for software houses to enter the company. Especially for Radya Digital which has an enterprise target. Especially if you look at the story about five years back. That is, many projects or applications developed by Radya Digital are of the enterprise type.

"Of the projects or applications that we have developed, many are of the type of enterprise apps. For example, audit systems. Audit systems are usually implemented in large companies, for example, Biofarma, Binus, and Erajaya. These are enterprise-type companies," said Rudi Hartono as CEO of Radya Digital.

In fact, the Radya Group has its own enterprise market for companies that need outsourcing, for example. Because as previously known that many companies experience a shortage of digital talent. Here, Radya fulfills the needs of these clients as well as carrying out tasks from related companies or clients through managed services.

Nevertheless, Radya Digital remains on the core web host path and the products it makes. The first service that Radya Digital definitely offers is application development. Starting from mobile apps, web, chatbots, and even integration services. Because usually, companies have the need to integrate systems.

One of the mainstays is the chatbot which was successfully developed independently by Radya. Moreover, this application is becoming a fever of need for companies that follow digital developments in the current era. This has been proven by Radya's chatbot clients such as SiKepo from OJK, Mira from Mitsubishi, and others.

With these Chabot applications, it certainly makes it easier for clients to stand alone to serve many customers. Meanwhile, customers do not have to wait long to consult with related companies. This is what becomes a system integration from the company to the customer.

"We also have services as a consultant to implement company development. For example, yesterday we got the opportunity for a distributor company. This company has many applications, so we had the opportunity to become consultants implementing atomized code so it can be used by users," said Rudi.

In this case, Radya Digital's role makes it easier to implement atomized codes so that they can be used by users. It's like bridging user obstacles with talent that companies usually complain about to enter the digital realm in this modern era.

Naturally, their target is the enterprise because this is needed by various sectors. One of them is the education system used in schools and universities. This system requires a system to support the registration process to graduation.

Meanwhile, the university level requires research obligations. Because so far there are still many university researchers that use the manual method. Meanwhile, for the supply chain sector, companies need a lot of supply chains. Then e-commerce that targets sales is number one for them.

Even for ticketing matters, it is included in Radya's enterprise target. For example, if there are complaints from ticket buyers, they must be able to monitor whether complaints have been submitted or not. Of course, all of these have become parts of the enterprise world in today's digital era.

Radya Digital Services and Products to Increase Company Level

Furthermore, Radya Digital's focus as an experienced software house is infrastructure. Because they have a specialization to know where the application is running properly. Apart from that, Radya Digital is also a forum for consultation in terms of UI/UX design. In this area, there are many opportunities to do research to test the development of applications that are good or not in the market.

 "Right now stock trading is busy. How do you make an application that can be accepted by users, for example, what does it look like? We also provide services. We have a long history, now it's been 12 years. With that capital, we have sufficient resources and assets We can design it according to the client's needs," said Rudi.

All of this does not include the communities that are members of the Radya Group. One of them is Alkademi which provides a free boot camp and Income Sharing Agreement (ISA). Even the latest is Akselerasi which provides opportunities for work that is included with outsourcing schemes.

"Bootcamp (Alkademi) is free, but later there will be an agreement after the job is received, as a guarantee that when participating in the boot camp you can immediately go to work. In Akselerasi, there is outsourcing. If someone is looking for opportunities to work, you can go through Akselerasi. These are services that are in the Radya Group," said Rudi.

There are also products made by Radya Digital, which has been around since 2011. During that time, these .NET experts know what they have to master. Likewise with targets for users who are already working at Radya Digital. Because there is a lot of content that supports the skills of Radya Digital employees.

Since Radya Digital was founded, they have actually made a product called Appsterize. This is an application created to create other applications. You could say that this is low-code which is the current trend. The method is quite easy with drag and drop steps when opening Appsterize.

"For example, I want registration, login. For example, if I want to make an application for sales or e-commerce, all I have to do is drag and drop it on the application. Then there is a button to generate so that it can be launched on mobile. One time I make it, for three platforms. 2017 and 2018 are still being marketed," said Rudi.

Other products include ARU's Distributor Management System (DMS), Risk Management, Transport Management System (TMS), and others. Various kinds of products which in essence are application solutions to add service experience and cultivate human work skills. Because basically, Radya Digital's initial focus is human development.

After 12 years of existence, they know what skills the market requires and are divided into several divisions to fulfill them. This is a qualification standard that must be possessed by Radya Digital employees as well as customer service. But what is clear is that this digital development keeps the company moving up to the next levels.