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Distributor Management System, Distribution Solution Between Distributors

The development of digital technology requires every company to be able to adapt. The use of digital technology makes it easier for companies to do work faster. Companies are required to fulfill the wishes of every consumer and compete with other companies.

The distribution process is very important for almost all companies, especially FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies. The purpose of this process is to expedite and facilitate the delivery of products to the final consumer. The distribution process allows companies to provide products according to consumer desires.

In practice, this distribution process does not always run according to the company's wishes. There are several problems that may arise during this process. Common problems that occur in the distribution process include difficulty in managing distribution channels, ineffective management, supervision & evaluation of salespeople, and inadequate data for reporting.

What is DMS?

One solution in the process of distributing goods is to use a DMS (Distributor Management System) application. DMS is an ERP (Enterprise resource planning) application for the distribution process of goods used by distributors. In this application, companies can find out the status of inventory, distribution processes, sales, and recording financial statements. DMS is generally used for FMCG business, manufacturing, and retail industries.

Benefits of using this DMS application:

  • Improve business performance in distribution activities
  • Assisting businesses in managing product distribution to the market
  • Manage salespeople (sales schedule and route management)
  • Inventory management
  • Dashboard reports with analytical data that are easy to understand

DMS links transparency from manufacturers to distributors and retailers. It also links all the roles of salesperson, finance, and inventory.

Why choose DMS over other apps?

  • Centralized data management
    Distributors who have many warehouses and scattered customers don't have to worry about managing separate data.
  • High efficiency
    All data is presented accurately, assisting managers in making the right decisions on time.
  • Real-time data
    The entire process is recorded and monitored through the application quickly, so no data is missed or lost.
  • Online updates
    Provides all online data such as KPI progress, revenue targets, sales quantity, and inventory management
  • Multi-device and multi-platform user interface
    Can be used on various devices (computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones).

DMS also helps salespeople reduce time spent on manual work, so they can focus more on building customer relationships and increasing their sales knowledge.

That's an explanation of DMS and the benefits of using this application. Interested in creating a DMS project? Contact our sales team at the following link: Contact Sales. Or email us at

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