Monday, 27 June 2022 | 13:35 | Author by Radya Digital

First Impression of Working at Radya Digital

For some people, doing something for the first time is not an easy thing. It feels like you have to step out of our comfort zone and overcome our fear for quite a long time. For all you who are beginning to try a new thing on the new environments, calm down, you are not alone! Everyone must be going through the same thing, it’s happened too in Radya Digital teams that are happy to share their first impression when they are started working at Radya Digital. For those of you who are curious and need any tips about how to start a new beginning, read this below!

The Most Memorable First Impression when Working at Radya Digital

When you hear “Radya Digital”, what is the first thing that came to your mind? Is it just a tech company, or more than that? For the Radya Digital team, Radya Digital is more than just a tech company. When you started your career at Radya Digital, you will be warmly welcomed and feel like join to your new family by Radya Digital Family team members. When you finally be one of the Radya Digital family, you will realize that Radya Digital is a company with casual culture even they are doing their job seriously. There is nothing to fear when you get your first project because you can actively ask for referrals to your mentor. “Happy people come from happy environment” is the only right sentence that can be described how is work and life at Radya Digital.

New Environment, New Challenge

As we know, there is always a new challenge to face when we start doing something, it’s also happened to the Radya Digital team. For example, there are some problems when the team on the execution of the technical project, from adaptation with workflow, arranging the timing with the deadline or adapting with another team member. Another challenge that is no less challenging is the pandemic makes us do every single thing from home. In this situation, communication between team members is key. That’s why good communication is the solution to every challenge. So, it feels free to communicate everything about the project that you work on to another team member. 

Adaptation wasn’t Easy But Can It Can be Faced

Are you one of those people who was in the new environment? If you are one of them, Radya Digital will give you some tips that may help you. As a new staff, you may feel too shy to start a new conversation or ask for help with people around when you got some problems. That’s normal, but remember that everyone has been at that moment. By asking your mentor, you’ll get a lot of insights and you will find your goals, your desire to learn, and grow to be a better version of yourself. Don’t forget to watch your attitude when you initiate some interactions with someone else, so people would happy to talk with you. To start a conversation, you can start by telling or asking them about their passions, or any topics that make the conversation keep flowing. Keep focused, confident, and open yourself up to other staff. 

Be Ready to Be Part of Change

So, are you interested to start your new beginning with Radya Digital? In addition to preparing yourself by learning basic skill developer, or any suitable skill with your position, also, you have to make yourself as a person who has a high curiosity, eager to learn and try new things, and ready to get valuable experience. With all of that, you can work, learn, and make a change with Radya Digital teams.

You can try those tips to fight your fear off when you are out of your comfort zone and start to do something new. If you would like to find out more about Radya Digital , you can visit us at Radya Digital Career to start your new journey with Radya Digital teams, and be the change-maker with us!