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Same Passion, Different Ability, Created Radya Digital

When digital applications began to develop, Radya Digital was born in 2011 as a Bandung software house. Four alumni of the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) majoring in informatics, namely Tito Daniswara, Puja Pramudya, Hari Bagus, and Aloysius Adrian, made a digital business plan after graduation.

Then the four friends got together to make a solution for application development. As is known at that time, the development of mobile computing technology began to increase rapidly. This is marked by the increasing number of functions on mobile devices.

Of course, this is an evolution of a device whose capabilities are similar to computer problems. Well, Tito, Puja, Hari, and Aloysius, each has their own expertise based on the same hobby which was then poured into the birth of Radya Digital.

"They finally got together to make a solution in application development. Each of these people has their own abilities. For example, Mr. Puja is a technical person who works on projects. Those who are good at selling them, those who are good at managing finances. Formulated and created a company, named Radya Labs," chattered Rudi Hartono, CEO of Radya Labs.

Not long after, Radya Digital got its first colleague. His business partners are not kidding either. Because these four friends get Nokia as their first colleague in application development. As is well known, Nokia is a Finnish multinational telecommunication, information, and consumer electronics company.

Nokia itself was once a manufacturer and the smartest mobile phone in the world. At that time, Nokia started to have Windows Phone products with Windows OS, which was the trend in 2011. In collaboration with Nokia, Radya Digital is also one of the pioneers in developing Windows Phone applications in Indonesia.

"One of them is increasing the number of applications. There are already many Android applications, there are game applications, Whatsapp, and so on. By increasing the number of applications embedded in cell phones, we are working with Microsoft and Nokia. So that is one thing that makes Radya proud," explained Rudi.

Not only Windows Phone, but Radya Digital also continues to develop company and industry offers for digital development applications. Then Radya Digital is increasingly providing Android and IOS application development solutions to companies or industries.

Success From the Path of Adaptation

More and more requests are also entering the realm of websites. This realm became a new area that the Radya Digital crew then occupied. Besides that, application development from Radya Digital is also growing and adapting to the times. One of them is the chatbot which is the mainstay of many companies or industries.

"We always adapt to market changes. We provide a full solution. We get a project. In one project, there is a web, there are mobile apps. Two years later, there was a chatbot around 2017. We tried to research the chatbot, and finally added it to the service, said Rudi.

So it's not without reason that Radya Digital makes the enterprise the main market and it can master it. However, all of them are still engaged in the core web host field among the products made by Radya Digital. Everything that continues like this has also written success stories for some of the Radya Digital crew.

"In fact, after working for Radya Digital, they have developed their careers in companies that are on a larger scale. Internally, there is also Rara in operations. Her career is not as a developer or engineer, but as an analyst. Now she is VP of Operations at Radya Digital. So she is who manages the project. Radya Digital has 90 people, so she takes care of 90 people," said Rudi.

Indeed, success stories are relative. However, what the four friends have built within Radya Digital certainly has a vision that is up to date. This is also felt by many people, especially in Indonesia. Moreover, blue ocean areas can still be a priority for digital development in Indonesia.

Isn't it really felt, the enjoyment of technology in this modern era? This development was also made by four people in the history of Radya Digital. Something even suburbanites can enjoy. This means that Indonesia heading for industry 4.0 or 5G is not an impossibility, but a necessity.

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